BTS fans demand ‘frozen’ Game of Thrones return

Hot on the heels of the Game of Throne episode, a group of BTS fanatics have demanded a return to the series’ famous frozen scenes.

The video, which was posted on the BTS Instagram account and titled “We want the B-TCH game of thrones,” includes a montage of iconic scenes from the popular HBO show and the iconic episode “The Dance of Dragons,” in which Sansa Stark was frozen in ice and Jon Snow was frozen by the North and finally killed.

“We’re begging you guys,” a voiceover says in the video, with fans adding that they want to see the Game Of Thrones season 7 premiere in a new way.

“We love your show.”

Fans who have already seen the Season 7 premiere of “The Night Lands” in its entirety have posted several videos of themselves wearing a jacket that resembles the jacket worn by Sansa, as well as wearing ice gloves.

In one of the videos, a fan named ‘Lucky’ can be seen wearing a full-body ice jacket and sporting a snow-gloves, which is clearly a reference to Jon Snow.

The other two videos, titled “Game of Thrones” and “Sansa Stark” and posted by a member of the group ‘BTS’ have been shared more than 12,000 times.

In another video, a man dressed as Arya Stark can be heard talking to a man in a suit of ice.

He says that the first time he saw the frozen scene was at the end of season 7 and it’s the best scene he’s seen in Thrones.

In the third video, he is seen wearing the same jacket as Aryas.

Fans are also sharing images of themselves holding hands with Arya and Sansa in the GameOfThrones video, even though the two are still in their respective ice dresses.