Game Chaturbating Hot Game Chasers

Game Chancers have a new challenge for their chasers: They have to get a selfie in order to be crowned hot game chasers.

Chaturbates are virtual events where users submit their game videos to a host, who in turn chooses one of the virtual chasers to take the selfie.

The chasers have to shoot their video with a camera in their hand, using a mobile phone, tablet or camera-equipped smartphone to get the best results.

Hot Game Chaser is a competition for the hottest chasers around the world.

The contest was created by Game Changers.

The contest is sponsored by GameChangers and it runs from March 1 until March 7, with the winner chosen at the end of the competition.

Hot Game Challenge was launched on the Game Changer App, where users can enter their game footage and compete for hot game prizes.