Hot pot game app: A free hotas game app

A free game app that lets users enjoy hot pots and bowls of all shapes and sizes is getting an update, with a brand-new feature that will allow users to control the size of the bowl.

The new app, Hot Pot, was launched in October, and lets users choose to play games of a hot pot of different sizes by simply clicking the bowl icon in the top right corner.

Hot Pot, which was created by the gaming company M2, is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

Hot Pot was launched to compete with rival hot pot game Appa, which is also free and available for iOS.

The game, which launched on October 1 and has been downloaded more than 2.3 million times, lets users select a bowl size and then click the “Make” button, which brings up a hot bowl menu with different sizes of bowls.

Hot pot game users can also choose from different toppings such as bacon, cheese and sour cream, which all have their own special properties.

There are also three modes to choose from: traditional hot pot, spicy hot pot and hot pot with spicy sauce.

Hot pot can be played on the go, with users selecting the bowl size they would like to use for each mode.

While the game is free to play, it can cost $2.99 per month to play for those who subscribe to the Hot Pot game app.

M2 said the app was launched with the intention of helping users discover new hot pot games and explore new foods and food culture.

It was also built with an eye toward social media, which M2 said it wants to bring into the fold.