How to beat the PlayStation 4’s VR performance

If you’re not a gamer, you probably haven’t played the VR version of Hot Pursuit, the game that launched this year for PSVR and HTC Vive.

That’s because Hot Pursue is an indie game.

The game was developed by a small team of six developers working on it, and we were able to play the game with the headset on for the first time.

The VR version is even more limited, however, and the game requires a bit more patience to get into.

But we’re happy to report that Hot Pursuits VR performance is excellent.

It’s the best virtual reality experience we’ve ever played.

We got our hands on the game for the PlayStation VR at a convention last week and got to try out Hot Pursues VR performance for ourselves.

The team behind Hot Pursuers VR was able to optimize the game so that we could get a great experience with the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR headsets.

We started off with the same settings and settings as the PSVR version.

We’re still using the same set-up in VR as we were on the PS4, and there’s just one major difference between the two headsets.

In the PlayStation headset, the triggers and triggers are held down with your thumb and forefinger.

On the Vive, we have to press the left or right triggers, depending on the position of our eyes.

This makes it a bit awkward for some people.

But in Hot Pursuers VR, we just press the triggers on both sides of the controller.

This is so that the controllers are perfectly aligned with each other, making the game feel a bit less awkward.

And since the triggers are just a few millimeters from each other in VR, it doesn’t feel as if the triggers aren’t moving.

This also makes it easier to press them to the trigger, or pull them up to activate the action.

Hot Pursuer VR also supports a variety of triggers.

There’s the classic “Left Trigger” (which lets you fire a gun), and there are “Right Trigger” and “Up Trigger” triggers.

The “Left” trigger, for example, lets you use a grappling hook.

The Left Trigger is very powerful, but the Right Trigger is much more powerful.

The Up Trigger, on the other hand, lets players grab and throw objects and enemies.

This, combined with the “Right” trigger and the “Up” trigger for shooting enemies, makes it easy to throw your grappling hook at the ground or into an enemy.

Hot pursuit is a fun, fast-paced game with plenty of thrills.

In fact, Hot Pursuing VR is the best game we’ve played in VR since the PS VR launch.

In order to enjoy Hot PursuedVR with the Vive and PS VR headsets, you’ll need to buy the Oculus Home app.

The app is available on the Oculus Store for free.

You can play Hot Pursures VR with the Oculus Rift if you already own an Oculus Home.

But if you don’t, you can purchase an Oculus Rift from Oculus.

You’ll also need an Oculus Touch controllers for the VR headset.

We tried out the VR controllers and found that they were quite comfortable and had a lot of grip.

You could get the Touch controllers to be slightly uncomfortable, but they felt quite good.

The Rift has some great controls.

You just have to hold the left and right triggers together, and when you hold them down, the left controller is for movement, while the right controller is the trigger for the “right” action.

There are also a few buttons on the right side of the headset that allow you to use touch-based controllers.

And the Touch is great.

The buttons are easy to use and feel very responsive.

There aren’t many buttons in the Oculus Touch, but you can make your controller very responsive by just using the touchpad on the controller to change your controller.

The Touch is a great VR controller, and you can get some great games on it.

You get the option of playing the game on the Vive or the Oculus headset with or without the Touch controller.

We were able with the Touch to feel a lot more comfortable, especially with the extra grip that we have on our thumbs.

The Oculus Touch is an excellent controller.

It has a large grip, and it feels very comfortable to use, even in VR.

The controls are very responsive and the buttons feel very intuitive.

There is a touchpad that lets you adjust the speed of the triggers, and once you use the controller, you just hold it down with one hand to activate a specific action.

The controllers are great for VR games.

The PSVR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Touch all have their own unique advantages when it comes to controller compatibility.

But with the Rift and Touch, you get a lot in VR that you wouldn’t get with a regular controller.

VR games are a lot easier to play on a big screen, and they can feel a little cramped in VR