How to Get a 3DS for $1,599 (Video)

A game for the 3DS is going on sale for $949 (about £1,149) in the UK on Friday, and there are some caveats. 

The 3DS game Cobra Hot Games, for example, won’t be available in the US or Canada, although Nintendo has said it will release it soon.

It’s not the only game on sale at the moment.

There are also three other games available for $899, which will make the $1.5 million price tag for the Nintendo 3DS a little higher. 

In Australia, the cheapest available 3DS version is a $1 system for $699.

It doesn’t appear as if Nintendo will be offering a 3D version of the game, though it is available in 2D. 

It’s a similar story with the Wii U version of Cobra Hot.

It has a $599 price tag, but will only be available as a $399 system. 

But for those who want to go the 3D route, there’s a $699, 3D, and 2D version for the Wii.

It also doesn’t seem to be a 3DO game, which is the cheapest option. 

If you’re going to be playing the 3ds in 3D mode, you may as well do it now, as it is a year old. 

We’ve put together a handy guide to getting your 3DS and 3DS XL working in 3DS mode, and the basics to getting it running. 

You can get the system up and running on any PC using a few simple steps, such as copying a folder into your home folder. 

And for anyone who likes to save time, there are a few steps you can follow in order to set up the system to run in 3ds mode. 


Start with a blank 3DS card that’s been formatted to FAT32 format, and open the file manager. 


Select “3DS Settings” from the menu, then “System” and “3D Settings”. 


Select “System settings” and click “System Properties”. 


Click “System”, then “3Ds Settings”.


In the System Properties section, scroll down to “Image size”. 


Click the “Change size” button. 


Select an appropriate size. 


Hit the “Save” button, and save the changes. 


Close the System properties window. 


Open 3DS Settings and click on the 3d icon. 


Click on “Select a 3ds system” to start the process. 


After a few seconds, the 3Ds Settings window should open. 


Select the “System 3DS” icon.

You’ll now see the system settings menu. 


In System Settings, click on “Display Settings”.

There should now be a drop-down menu under “Display”. 

15.Click it. 16.

Choose “High resolution mode”. 


In 3DS settings, click the “Select resolution” button to select the resolution. 


Select your resolution in 3DPI. 


Select 3DS Display Settings, then click “Select 3D” to begin the 3DL setting process.

The 3D setting window should now show the resolution in full. 


Press the “Next” button at the bottom of the window, and select the “3ds display” option.

 The option should now appear in the menu bar. 


Close 3DS display settings. 


Press “OK” to close the 3DPi settings.

You should now have a fully functioning 3DS. 

3DS XL: You should now get a full-fledged 3DS, and you can play any of its games in full 3D.

If you want to add more than one system to the 3DO, you’ll need to change the system and 3DL settings as needed. 

As you can see, this process can take a while.

If, for instance, you have an older model 3DS with 3D support, it’s best to start from scratch and move on. 

For those who are worried about buying the 3rd system, the Nintendo website has a great list of things you can do to get the best deal. 

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