New iPhone 6 Plus ‘iPhone 6S Plus’ is just as good as its bigger brother

The iPhone 6S, which debuted at the end of 2016, was the most widely used iPhone in history, and Apple has never been happier.

But now it’s ready to roll out the next big thing.

The iPhone 7 is coming.

Apple’s new iPhone 7 will have the same kind of edge-to-edge display as the iPhone 6, but it will come in a “5.7” model.

It will have a larger bezel and a wider bezel around the edges.

Apple has even announced that it is “working with partners to build a smaller iPhone 7 that delivers better performance and battery life.”

The iPhone 5S will be gone, replaced by a smaller version of the same phone, the iPhone 5C.

And there will be no longer be a “S” designation for the iPhone 7.

This is a huge change, especially since the iPhone is still a solid performer in its own right.

Apple will make a few changes to its iPhone lineup to keep it competitive with Android and Microsoft’s tablets.

The new iPhone 6s will be priced at $699 and $799, respectively, but the iPhone SE and the iPhone XS are still in the $699 price range.

The Apple Watch Series 3, Apple’s $300 smartwatch, will be available for $299 in the United States and Europe, and the Apple Watch Sport will be $349 in the U.S. The latest models of the iPhone will also be available at Best Buy.

The company will be selling a $49 iPhone 8 for $799 in the US and $649 in the rest of the world, which is more expensive than the iPhone 8 Plus.

And for those of you who can’t wait until the end, Apple is offering a $79 iPhone X and a $99 iPhone XR.

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