Watch out for hot switch game consoles as the industry begins a transition

Hot Switch games, games that switch from one platform to another, and virtual reality have all found their way onto the big screen.

Now we’re getting ready to see the big changes in the next few years as the transition to consoles and mobile devices hits full force.

As the first wave of games consoles and smartphones comes to market, a new class of games will be able to run on them, but it’s not just the developers that will be affected.

Many of the most popular games from decades past, including the classics of old like Grand Theft Auto, will now be available on consoles, tablets, and mobile phones.

The transition will affect not only the developers of these games, but also the users of these devices.

This article is part of Newsweek’s new series, “The Changing World of Video Games,” which examines how this new digital platform is changing the way we interact with games.

This video series examines what’s changing in the gaming industry and how we can make a difference in the lives of millions of people.

We’ll be examining how technology is transforming gaming and what the future holds for our favorite games.