What you need to know about the new Hoto Game app

The Hoto game app, launched in October, will be available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The app is designed for those who love the classic Nintendo and Sega consoles but have yet to acquire a copy of the new Nintendo Switch, and the new iPhone or Android phone, which has been a huge success for the brand.

Hoto Game offers a way to create a game of your own using the smartphone or tablet.

For $2.99 per game, players can choose to play a one-shot or full-fledged adventure.

For more than $3,000, players have the ability to create their own worlds, from castles to caves, to complete dungeons.

Players can also take on mini-games and collect treasure, as well as create their very own virtual-reality games, which can be played with friends and family.

Players who buy the app can also unlock the ability for other users to access their saved games, as they are all stored in the same account.

Hooter Games is launching in the U.S. on Monday.

The company said the game will also be available to purchase in other countries, but hasn’t made any official announcements about those countries yet.