What’s hot about girl gamers?

The girl gamer trend has been gaining steam since the advent of the internet in 2009, with gamers jumping into the genre with games like the Angry Birds series and Minecraft, and it’s growing into something that can’t be ignored.

With the growing popularity of girl gamers, it’s no surprise that they are also becoming more fashionable as they try to prove themselves in the gaming world.

Here are the top five girl gamers we’re talking about.1.

Jyoti Sharma, Gaming Channel 5 starJyoti has been an internet sensation since the beginning of her career in 2013, when she was spotted by Game Grumps on the air.

She became a viral sensation when she began wearing the ‘girl gamer’ t-shirt and playing games in the street.

As the year wore on, she took the t-shirts off and began wearing them more often, and started wearing more of the shorts.

Now, Jyotis favourite game is Super Mario Bros., and she’s also been wearing a t-side for a while.

She recently posted a photo of her new shorts and explained that she has been using them to play Minecraft with her friends.2.

Jhumpa Lahiri, GamerGirl.com/ShennaLalit Jhupal is a girl gamer who has become famous for her ‘Girl Gamer’ series, where she posts videos and pictures of herself wearing the hottest games and doing the hottest stunts.

Jhyoti has posted videos like the one below with a caption that says: “I’ve got some awesome new clothes, so go check them out if you wanna see more.”

Jhyiti has been the subject of plenty of internet attention and was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Ellen Show, among other popular shows.

She has also been featured on the popular YouTube channel GamerGirlTV and has been featured in various fashion magazines like Fashionista, Glamour and Nylon.3.

Liza Yurkovich, Game Grumpers Liza was featured in the Game Grumpy game where she was the youngest player, and has since become an internet celebrity.

In the video above, she plays Super Mario and the game is called ‘Super Mario Bros.’

Liza also plays the game with her husband, James.

She is a super-hot girl gamer, who has been known to make sure that she is not in the right place at the right time, and she is also known for her amazing dance moves.4.

Jasmine Vavrek, Gossip Girl Jasmine is an internet personality who is known for being the youngest member of Gossip Girls, which she joined in 2011.

In 2013, she made the news when she appeared on The Today Show to promote her game, ‘Gossip Girl’ and made some pretty impressive moves.

Jasmines personality has also become something of a trend amongst girl gamers and she has also featured in a number of videos.5.

Riz Ahmed, Gaming channel The popular ‘GirlGamer’ blogger Riz is a big star in the world of girl gaming, with her own channel that has millions of followers.

She’s also a YouTube star, and is a fan favourite on her channel.

She started her channel in 2013 after a chance encounter with a girl who was trying to get her to join the gaming scene.

She was very open and honest with her fans, and was able to show off her games in a way that was entertaining.

She even made some of her own videos, including this one where she goes out to the beach with her friend and shows off her new bikini.