What’s next for the hottest kizis?

Hot kizies are not just for people who like to play games, but also for people looking for the best games to play with their friends.

The list includes the most popular and the hottest titles.

 In this article, we’re going to explore what’s new and upcoming games to watch for in 2018.

Top games for 2018:1.

Dead Cells2.

Dead Island 3.

Dead Rising 3.

Fable Legends4.

Gran Turismo 6.

Killzone 5.

Marvel Heroes 6.

Rocket League7.

Splatoon 8.

Star Wars Battlefront9.

Star Fox Adventures10.

Super Mario Odyssey11.

Super Smash Bros. 12.


WildStar 14.

Super Meat Boy15.

Wild World16.

Wolfenstein: The New Order17.


Nintendo Switch