Which Seven games will you miss most?

It’s a question many people have been asking themselves for a while now.

The seven best footballing teams from the past seven seasons.

Which one will you most miss most, and why?

Let’s take a look at all of the games that took place in the past, and the seven games that will take place in 2017.

Here is a quick look at the teams that won their last seven games.

AFC East: New York Jets The New York Yankees had one of the most disappointing seasons in franchise history.

They finished with just 82 wins in 2017, and finished third overall in the AFC East behind the Cleveland Browns and the Indianapolis Colts.

Injuries to key players led to a team that missed the playoffs in 2016, and it was only last year that the Yankees were able to win a game after losing their entire offseason to a major restructuring and a new general manager.

The Yankees also had one season of playoff experience under coach and general manager Bobby Valentine, and they have a lot of potential, but the team still needs a lot more to compete.

The Jets won two games last season and are now in the hunt for a playoff spot, but they’re going to have to play tough to stay afloat.

 New York Jets, 8-4, 1-1 AFC East.

AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers The Steelers went into this season with a lot to prove.

They had a horrible year, and lost key players to free agency and a trade.

They lost quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and his future as a franchise quarterback.

They also missed out on their first round pick in 2018, but were able come back and win a playoff game.

They have the talent to contend, and if they can continue to play at a high level, they’ll be one of those teams that will contend in the future.

Pittsburgh Steelers, 8 and 3, 1st in the NFC North.

NFC South: Atlanta Falcons The Falcons were the defending NFC champs in 2017 after winning their first four games of the season.

They went on to win their final four games to finish fourth in the division behind the Los Angeles Rams and the Chicago Bears.

They won back-to-back division titles in 2018 and 2019.

The Falcons are also in the mix for a wild-card spot this season, but with a new GM, a new coach, and a lot going on in Atlanta, things could change in the coming weeks.

Atlanta Falcons, 8, 1, 2nd in the NFL.

NFL Championship Game: Seattle Seahawks The Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos 24-20 on Sunday, which was the first win of the Russell Wilson era.

They ended up with the second-most wins in the Super Bowl era, and one of only two teams to ever win the Super-Bowl.

The Seahawks are coming off of a big win over the Carolina Panthers on Monday Night Football.

Russell Wilson led the Seahawks to victory, and his big day was the culmination of a very successful season.

Seattle Seahawks, 6-1, 1 Super Bowl victory.

Super Bowl LI: Green Bay Packers The Green Bay Packer won their fourth Super Bowl title in the last five years, but lost the first game in a shootout to the Arizona Cardinals.

They’re currently one game behind the New England Patriots for the NFC East title.

The Packers are coming into this year as a playoff team, but it’s difficult to see them winning another Super Bowl.

Green Bay won’t have a ton of depth to play with this season after losing quarterback Aaron Rodgers, receiver Randall Cobb, and defensive end Lamarr Houston.

If the Packers want to make the playoffs this year, they have to start winning games now.

Green Bay, 6 and 2, 3rd in the Packers division.

All-Pro: Dallas Cowboys The Cowboys went into the season with the third-best defense in the league, but things got ugly in the first half of the year after the Cowboys lost quarterback Dak Prescott to a season-ending injury.

They struggled to find any consistency in their offense, and injuries to players like Dez Bryant, Dez Sanders, and Travis Frederick, along with a lack of consistency in the secondary led to some inconsistency.

Dallas finished last in the Football Outsiders’ DVOA ratings, but Prescott and Dez will be back next year, giving them a chance to get back to the top of the division.

Dallas needs to get some more explosive play from their running game, but will still be a top-10 defense in 2017 and 2018.

Dallas Cowboys, 6, 4, 3nd in Dallas.

Playoff: Atlanta Hawks Atlanta finished the 2017 season in third place in both the NFC South and the NFC West.

The Hawks had an excellent season, winning seven games and taking a win over a playoff-bound Carolina Panthers team.

The Atlanta defense was one of their biggest strengths this year.

They’ve got the talent, and with the additions of Dwight Howard