Which VR games are best to try this summer?

I’m not a big fan of using headsets for gaming on the cheap, but if you need some VR fun right now, the new HTC Vive is the best choice for you.

The headset is a bit pricier than its Oculus Rift or PSVR competitors, but it has a lot more VR features and is a solid experience.

Here’s my top picks for summer VR gaming.

Read more about virtual reality, including:What’s VR?

A VR game is a VR experience that allows players to control characters on a virtual world.

It’s a very different form of gaming than traditional action games.

You’re not controlling a character in a first-person perspective, but instead can see the action from a third-person point of view.

In VR, you’re in the same world, so it’s a more immersive experience.

This is why many VR developers are aiming for a more hands-on experience.

You can control your avatar and see where the camera is pointing.

VR games also let you control a character with two hands.

The controls are more fluid and intuitive.

It also has a wide range of controllers to choose from.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, consider using a VR headset for more than just games.

This can include some interactive experiences, such as making food and crafting items.

In this case, you’ll be playing a game where you’re crafting things and having to use your hands to do it.