Why it’s really fun to play GTA V with your friends online

When we first got the chance to play the latest instalment of Rockstar’s award-winning Grand Theft Auto series on PC, we thought the biggest problem with the Xbox One version was its multiplayer.

It had a single-player mode, but it was so limited that the only people we could play with were our friends.

But, when we tried our hands at the multiplayer in GTA V on PC with our friends, we realised how much fun it was to play with people you know.

So, we put together a playlist and made our own group of friends and friends of friends, and we started playing together with a group of five people.

It’s not a multiplayer experience we’re familiar with, but that’s the sort of fun we want to see on our next console.

So how do you play GTA Online with friends on Xbox One?

If you’ve ever played the game on PC and want to try something new, here’s how it works.

First you start by connecting to the same online service as you.

To do this, you can log in to your Xbox Live account and create a new one.

Next, you’ll need to choose a game.

Select GTA Online.

This will show you the options available to you, as well as your friends list and a link to join the game.

Next you’ll be shown a list of players who have logged in with the same account.

In our case, we created an account for ourselves, and when we logged in to GTA Online, we were able to play against each other.

If you don’t have an Xbox Live profile, you’re free to create one.

Once you have a profile, click on it.

Once the profile has been created, you won’t be able to change your name, or create an avatar, and you can’t sign in using your Xbox One credentials.

Next up, you need to join a match.

This is where you’re able to join up with friends to play a game together.

To join a multiplayer game, you simply select the game you want to play in your group, and select the option to join from the left-hand menu.

If your friends have the same Xbox Live ID, you just need to select them in the same order you joined the game in.

After you’ve joined, you should see a countdown timer on the screen.

You can click the countdown to start a new match, and the timer will continue to count down as long as you have the option.

Once it’s complete, you are able to move onto the next round.

You’ll need a valid Xbox Live key to play on Xbox Live.

Once a match has started, your character will be on the map and your friends can’t join you.

When you start a match, you will automatically start a countdown to the next match.

To finish the countdown, simply click the timer to stop the countdown.

When the countdown is over, you’ve finished the match.

You will be asked to sign in with your Xbox 360 console, which you can do at any time.

We’ll be sure to tell you when you can and can’t play again.

It really does feel like Rockstar is taking the time to make sure you’re getting the most out of the new online features they’ve added.

GTA Online is available on PC via Steam.

For more information, head over to the GTA Online website and follow the links in the game description to find out more.