Woman claims she was forced to wear hot bed game on hot date

A woman is suing a Las Vegas hot bed company for allegedly forcing her to wear a hot bed with sex toys while her boyfriend slept in her bed.

The suit filed in Nevada Supreme Court on Thursday says that in 2014, a man and his wife traveled from Virginia to Las Vegas to have sex.

The suit claims that on the way back, they were stopped at a strip club in Vegas.

The couple told the woman they would be staying at a hotel, and they told her to get into bed with her boyfriend.

They said the couple would have sex with each other and she would sleep in the bed with them.

The woman says she agreed and woke up to her boyfriend naked.

The man told the couple he wanted to sleep on the bed.

The man asked her to take off her bra and panties and to remove the sex toys from her.

She complied.

Then he began to masturbate and had sex with her, according to the suit.

The woman says he then forced her to sleep with him in a hotel room, where she says he masturbated to her while she was unconscious.

She awoke to find her boyfriend had been dead for a couple of days, according the suit, and she has not been able to get a satisfactory answer from her hotel about how the couple could have been together and how she got her boyfriend to stop having sex with him.