You might have to pay to watch ‘Hot Lava Game’ (VIDEO)

Hot lava game?

It’s the hot lava game, and it’s a game you might not have heard of, if it weren’t for the fact that it’s happening right now on MTV News.

In a video posted to the channel’s YouTube page, the hosts of the popular MTV Game Night show go into detail about how to play the game.

The hosts describe how they make a bucket, fill it with water and throw it at an enemy, then add a “hot” or “hot jar” to the bucket to make the lava come out at the target.

The jar has a “pot,” which will make the target explode if it hits the bucket.

The hot jar, or hot lava, is a very powerful and addictive way to play this game.

So if you’re curious what you need to know to play, the video goes into great detail.

The show also gives tips on how to make and store your own bucket.

Make sure you get a good one because you won’t be able to use the same one a few days in a row.

The MTV Game Show is the brainchild of the hosts, Matt Miller and Alex Perez, who are known for their hilarious, insightful and often hilarious commentary.

They also co-host the MTV News show, which is a staple of the network.

MTV News hosts host Alex Seitz-Wald, host of the new show, will be joined by the other hosts, Melissa McBride and Alex Troianovski, as well as hosts from the popular Hot Lava Games.

Watch the video above to learn how to get the hot jar.